SCANDAL; “day 7!!” blogpost by MAMI☆

SCANDAL LIVE HOUSE “10 DAYS”「Kyu ni Kitemoratte Gomen. 2014~Shinkyoku Yaru Kara Kiiteyo~」Yesterday, it was the seventh show!! Those who gathered at the Dojima River Forum, thank you very much! I have on a ribbon that’s made up of detailed plaits going round and round above☺︎

Yellow towel (sprinkles gold dust)! The side of the yellow is purple! Pastels are cute☝︎

Yesterday, the two from tricot came to watch(/ _ ; )♡ They even participated right up to the after-party, and we were whirled up in home town and dialect talk☝︎Coming here to specially watch us, I’m was really happy(/ _ ; ) Thank you to them both♡

Yesterday was also a really fun night! There is no doubt that tomorrow was also be the best! The best ever! It’s the best everyday! What should I do (((o(゚▽゚)o))) I want to do a LIVE quick! I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well!! Let’s have an unforgettable night☺︎ We’ll be waiting at the Dojima River Forum!

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"This next song isn’t about taking the short way home" - Luke Hemmings

iTunes deluxe: http://po.st/Hguvl8
Google Play: http://po.st/sCWRTk
Webstore physicals: http://po.st/v8K3Gj

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DIY : Cardboard Cellphone Charging Holder | DIY on We Heart It.


DIY : Cardboard Cellphone Charging Holder | DIY on We Heart It.

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SCANDAL; “06/10” blogpost by RINA☆

Osaka, we’re home! Thank you very much for gathering together today from all kinds of places☺︎ It was really fun…it’s our first time doing a live at the Dojima River Forum, but it’s a wonderful venue that lets us see all across to even those at the back. It’ll be a place that looks over us from today onwards, so I think we’ll like to use it in a beautiful way. Surely there are people who are here for a live for the first time! Everyone, did you have fun? All the stories, let me hear them☺︎ And so, let’s meet again next time!

※ Extra: The entrance has came to look super fun as well! Osaka’s innovator-san has made this with all his heart. I can feel the love…it’s great. Please, kindly take a photo for memorial’s sake alright! It’ll light up in the night☺︎ Happy.

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SCANDAL; “day 6!!” blogpost by MAMI☆

Today! SCANDAL LIVE HOUSE “10 DAYS”「Kyu ni Kitemoratte Gomen. 2014~Shinkyoku Yaru Kara Kiiteyo~」sixth day! Plus, our first day at the Osaka • Dojima River Forum!! Today was fun tooー♪ It was the best night! Everyone who came to watch, thank you☺︎ If it’s all good, come tomorrow too♡

Today, I put on a ribbon made out of mesh cloth on my head☝︎ I also had on a iPhone case that’s a different colour from RINA’s☺︎ I got a home button that has a crackly picture for my iPhone too, so it’s became really stylish. I’m happy(^O^☆♪

There’ve been questions on Twitter as well, but today’s personal clothes are a long plait skirt at just the side of my back, cloak-like so that it waves about as I walk☝︎The top and bottom come together as one piece☆ I love it, the personal clothes by『NOZOMI ISHIGURO』♪

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well (((o(゚▽゚)o))) Those participating in the battle, please rest well! Let’s work hard tomorrow too, and I’ll give it my all as well(^O^☆♪

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Dates of birth of the guys.x

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SCANDAL will be performing at Bukkyo University’s 48th Ouryo Festival this year!

The university, located in Kyoto, will have the girls perform on 1st November 2014. It is a paid live (tickets + more details HERE). This live marks SCANDAL’s 4th performance at a school for the year.

Other school lives that SCANDAL will be at this year include Hokuriku Gakuin University’s “Eikou Festival 2014” (24 Oct), Fujita Health University’s “FUJITA FESTIVAL 2014” (25 Oct) and Okayama University School Festival 2014. For relevant links, it is at the top of fyscandalband’s page.

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SCANDAL; New official Facebook page cover


SCANDAL; New official Facebook page cover

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